Period Packet

You may choose to answer any number of the questions listed below, but we hope you’ll enjoy answering all of them. Please note that by choosing to answer even one of the questions below, you have consented to participate in this study. This means your data may be collected and reported in conference papers, journals submissions, and/or articles for popular sources (e.g., Medium blog posts, articles submitted to magazines like Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, etc.). Because we do not require your real name or any personally identifiable information, your identity and confidentiality will be protected. Any information you share with us will be associated with a pseudonym (a made up name we will use in place of your real name in the write-up of the study) of your choosing. However, if you would like ownership of your ideas and/or artwork and want us to use your real name, we are happy to honor that request too! Please email us at the address below to discuss the trade-offs.

If you would like to contact us regarding any questions about this study or to receive electronic copies of any publications that result from this study, you can email us via

This study has been approved by the University of Washington’s Human Subjects Division. If you have any questions for our Institutional Review Board, you can use the following Study ID number and contact information: 

Sarah Fox and Amanda Menking
University of Washington,